What is Home Care?
A homebound patient demands special care and attention. Home care starts when you doctor determines that your medical needs can be appropriately and effectively met without leaving your home. Just because you require special medical needs it doesn’t mean that your treatments could not be provided.
Here at Lemar, we have a wide array of services that are specially tailored to meet your every medical needs. Ranging from Skilled Nursing. Physical Therapy, Respite Care, Medical Social Service, Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy, Diet & Nutritional Guidance, and Provision of various medical equipments.

What are the benefits of Home Care?
A patient’s health is known to improve more rapidly in HOME environment where caring family members provide the kind of support that can’t provided by any HOSPITAL.

This kind of setting provides comfortable setting so that medications and treatment can be given without the sense of anxiety from the patient.

Caregivers will also participate with patient care, by receiving special training and education from our visiting clinicians. Keeping them constantly aware of the patient’s medical status and alert to any special situations that may require immediate attention.

Who may receive the benefits of Home Care?
Although a large population of our clients are from the elderly community, our service is not limited to them. Our health care team is ready to face the challenge from any age group.
What services can Lemar provide me?
Lemar Home Health Services will arrange for our team of highly skilled professionals to visit your home as soon as possible. Rest assured, whatever your needs may be, Lemar will be there to support you all the way. Like what was stated on the “benefits of home care part” all these services are available to your every needs. Lemar will also arrange for any medical equipment you may need.

Who pays for these services?
Under most circumstances, clients who are Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to receive Home Care without having concerns on payments or coverage. Lemar also accommodates to other forms of insurance coverage tailored to our clients. You need not worry about the paperwork. We’ll take care of the rest.

How can I avail of your services?
In most situations, your doctor had already referred your case to your office for immediate follow up. In the event that your Doctor did not refer you to us, please feel free to express your desire to receive home care from lemar.

Does it matter who I am, where I’m from, and what ethnicity I come from?
Lemar Home Health Services, Inc. will treat you the same as others. Your race, color, national origin, sex, age and disability do not matter. It does not matter if you come from another country. It does not matter if you are poor or speak another language.

If you are not treated the same others, because of your race color, national origin, sex, age or disability; what country you come from; because you are poor or because you speak another language; please notify Lemar Home Health Services or;

Describe how you were not treated the same as others. Give your name, address and phone number. You must sign and date your letter. Send your letter to:

California Department of transportation, Civil Rights
Discrimination Complaint Investigation Unit
1823 14th Street, MS79, Sacramento, California 95814
Toll Free Number: 1(800) 810-6346