The mission of Lemar Home Health Services, Inc. is to provide high quality, safe and cost effective nursing, rehabilitation and supportive services, to patients.
This mission is guided by the following:
  • Provide home health care services regardless of age, religion, sex, nationality or social status.
  • Provide patients a less costly but high quality alternative to hospitalization.
  • Provide skilled intermittent rehabilitation services, nursing care, and personal care to enable patients to remain at home during recuperation from illness, accident, surgery, or disability.
  • Collaborate with the referring physician to assure the best possible patient outcome, given the patient’s potential and availability of resources.
LEMAR HOME HEALTH SERVICES, INC.’s Board of directors and administrative staff are committed to the provision of home health care services that are guided by a quality and risk management cost-effective services for the agency’s patient’s.
We believe that health care is basic human right. It must be available, coordinated and provided in a comprehensive way, combined with other human services when appropriate. Home health care is a an important part of continuous health care system and it will be provided in the most cost effective way possible.
LEMAR HOME HEALTH SERVICES, INC. assures each and every client that all operations and services rendered are in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws & regulations.
LEMAR also takes the extra step by to keep our agency abreast with the latest trends and practices in healthcare through Continuous Outcomes Quality Improvement. You can see for yourself through publicly available records provided by CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services) at: http://www.medicare.gov/HHCompare/Home.asp. We are confident that in our ability to meet your every home health care needs.