Skilled Nursing
1. Evalaution and establish treatment plan
2. Wound Care (e.g. Pressure ulcer, Diabetic ulcer, Surgical wound, Traumatic wounds)
3. Catheter care (i.e. Indwelling, Suprapubic)
4. I.V. Fluids and Antibiotic Therapy
5. Pre-op and Post-op care
6. Ostomy care and Teaching
7. Parenteral and Enteral Feeding
8. Pain Management
9. Respiratory Rehabilitation
10. Supervision of Medications
11. Health Education Program
12. Diabetic Care and Teaching
13. Injection (e.g. Insulin, Forteo, B12)
14. Restorative care
Certified Home Health Aide
1. Assist patient with personal care
2. Assist with safe ambulation and transfer
3. Meal preparation and light housekeeping
Physical Therapy
1. Restoration of previous level of function, range of motion and strength
2. Rehabilitation and education on the use of adaptive equipment
3. Education of patient/family/caregiver on home safety, ambulation and transfers
4. Establish a Home Exercise Program
5. Pain management
Occupational Therapy
1. Therapeutic exercises to promote independent on activities of daily living.
Speech Therapy
1. Assist in the restoration of speech, language and the ability to communite.
Medical Social Services
1. Deals with patient/family coping with llness.
2. Educate patient/caregiver on community resources.
Diet Counseling/Nutrition
1. Assist patients and their family to undertand, accept, and follow dietary modifications ordered by the physician.
2. Evaluation the dietary needs of patents.
Medical Equipement and Supplies
1. Arrangement for these services will be made to meet patient's needs.